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Donation from Staff at Rexall Drugstore Much Appreciated

The Almonte General Hospital would like to thank Rexall Drugstore for their thoughtful donation of toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs,  deodorant, denture tablets and body wash that will be provided to the patients on the Complex Continuing Care Unit. 

On behalf of the Rexall staff, Lisa Phinney stated, "As a staff we were given money for a holiday party, but we decided that we would rather donate the money and invest in our community. We chose the Almonte General Hospital because we know what great work they do for our town. Our aim as a staff was to purchase goods that would positively influence the patients."  

The generous support of our community, like Rexall Drugstore, helps the Almonte General Hospital continue to provide quality care by directly benefiting the patients and their families and is very much appreciated.                        














   ER Improvements Almost Complete

   We are making some changes to the emergency department to improve how patients access care and to enhance privacy. 

   Patients can still access the ER through the emergency entrance. The parking and drop-off zones are not affected.

   Thank you for your patience and understanding.

ER sign